How we create videos

How we create videos

Want to order a video to promote your product or service and wonder what stages our work consists of?

In short, we will do the script, storyboard, voice acting, graphics and music. We will coordinate each of the stages with you so that you can better understand which video we are producing. In more detail, we are waiting for:

Preliminary stage

You tell us about your product or service, how you plan to use the video, what results you plan to achieve. And together with you we decide what type of video you need: advertising, image, presentation, video instructions, etc.


We provide you with a document with a brief, and you fill it out, answer questions about your product or service, where you plan to promote it and other questions that will not take long to answer.

Video idea and script

We develop and coordinate with you: - the idea and plot of the video; - draft script with an approximate description of the video series and narration; - final script with a detailed description of the video series and narration; - translation of the script (if the video is required in a foreign language). You will be able to add your wishes or comments during the negotiation of the script.


We will create a storyboard for the key moments of the video so that you have a better idea of ​​what will be shown in the video.

Sound system

We will give you the opportunity to choose the voice that will be used to voice the text of the video. If you have any wishes regarding the reading of certain names, terms or abbreviations, please let us know before recording.


We will give you a choice of several ready-made music compositions for the video, you will choose the one you like best. We can also create a unique music track just for your video, if you ordered such a service by filling out a brief. It will be longer and more expensive, but your video will have music that no one else has.


If you need to add captions, logos, etc. to the video, we will agree with you on color, fonts, animation, so that everything was according to your brand book.

Sound processing

We process the speaker's voice and music so that they sound good together and underline some moments in the video for better audiovisual perception.


We present you the final work in your office or online, sending you a video in good quality.

Finalization of the project

After some time, which is specified in the contract, we will add the video to our portfolio on the YouTube channel, and maybe we will make an article on our site, where we will talk about the process of creating this video.

Question? If you have any questions about creating videos, write to us, we will be happy to advise you. Our e-mail: а