How to organize a shooting on your own?

How to organize a shooting on your own?

Not all video shoots require large budgets and the involvement of a large number of specialists. You can independently organize a simple shooting for creating content for social networks, holding a presentation, webinar, etc.

Depending on the format and shooting, the organization of the shooting itself and its conduct may be different. Today we will consider the format of small video shooting for Instagram, Facebook, and Tik-Tok. Currently, these formats are quite relevant and should be constant and stable, because your viewers and subscribers very easily get used to what regularly appears on the page.

Before starting the shooting, a few days before it, you’ll need to iron out some key points:

- discuss with the employee who will conduct the filming and edit the footage, the plot of the video you plan to shoot, and the sequence of all shots - this will ensure a calm and coordinated shooting process;

- It is necessary to decide which shooting format is needed: long shot, post 4:5/1:1;

- The purpose of this video?

Maybe it is not just something regular, or it is timed to some event and will be launched as a targeted ad?

- Are there any nuances in the way the video is presented?

- Think over everything in terms of props: what you will take from friends, and what you need to order.

All this should be decided in advance.

You will also need:

- agree with a co-worker who will be filmed;

- choose clothes that will look better in the frame;

- decide in which location the shooting will take place and book it for the right time;

- just in case, find an alternative location so that there is an opportunity to conduct the shooting in another place if suddenly something interferes with the chosen location;

- the day before the shooting, remind everyone involved about the shooting (always keep in mind people who can replace the main participants if something suddenly goes wrong);

- fully calculate the budget for the necessary props or equipment for filming

- build all the logistics of the shooting day in case you'll need to move between different locations.

Remember: these tips will not make everything easy as pie, but living and working will become much calmer and more pleasant!

Have a nice video process!